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AAPM Customer Mgmt

Policy number Policy name Approval date Sunset date
AP 39-C Guidelines for Reciprocal Complimentary Services furnished to other Non-Profit Scientific Societies 10/8/2009 12/31/2024
AP 30-C New Undergraduate Student Membership 10/8/2014 12/31/2024
AP 32-D Joint Membership with COMP 11/27/2016 12/31/2026
AP 79-B Procedure for Change of Status and Updating Developing Countries 12/22/2017 12/31/2022
AP 106-A Policy on Prorated Dues and Refunds 1/8/2018 12/31/2022
AP 48-D AAPM Exchange Program 7/12/2019 12/31/2024
AP 111-A AAPM Dues discount for non-member meeting attendees 11/7/2019 12/31/2024
AP 74-G Honoring Recently Deceased Members 12/1/2019 12/31/2024
AP 87-D Awarding of the William D. Coolidge Gold Medal; Marvin M.D. Williams, Edith H. Quimby and John S. Laughlin Awards; and other awards of the Association delegated to the Awards & Honors Committee 11/16/2020 12/31/2025
AP 41-I Fee tiers for Membership and Affiliation 1/25/2021 12/31/2024
AP 57-J Working Document of Understanding (RSNA & AAPM) 3/25/2021 12/31/2026

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