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Marvin M.D. Williams Professional Achievement Award Winners

This award recognizes an AAPM member for an eminent career in medical physics with an emphasis on clinical medical physics. No more than two awards will be given in any year and the award does not have to be awarded every year.

[Links are to individual biographies if they have been provided for publication]

Gail  D.  Adams 1989
Peter  R.  Almond 1990
Ann  E.  Wright 1991
John  S.  Laughlin 1992
Robert  O.  Gorson 1993
Robert  J.  Shalek 1994
Nagalingam  Suntharalingam 1995
James  A.  Purdy 1996
Colin  G.  Orton 1997
Faiz  M.  Khan 1998
Jimmy  O.  Fenn 1999
Moses  A.  Greenfield 2000
Stewart  C.  Bushong 2001
Bhudatt  R.  Paliwal 2002
James  B.  Smathers 2003
Kenneth  R.  Hogstrom 2004
Edwin  C.  McCullough 2005
Edward  S.  Sternick 2006
Michael  D.  Mills 2007
Edward Lee  Nickoloff 2008
Melissa Carol  Martin 2009
Walter  Grant 2010
Benjamin  R.  Archer 2011
William  F.  Hanson 2012
Marilyn  Stovall 2013
Herbert  W.  Mower 2014
Christopher  H.  Marshall 2015
Jean  M.  St. Germain 2015
Keith  J.  Strauss 2016
Stephen  Balter 2017
Michael  T.  Gillin 2017
Muthana S.A.  L.  Al-Ghazi 2018
Louis  K.  Wagner 2018