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Spring Clinical Early-Career Investigator Symposium Winners

[previously awarded as Spring Clinical Young Investigator Symposium (2012 – 2020)]

Each year AAPM conducts an Early-Career Investigators’ Competition at the Spring Clinical Meeting. Early-Career Investigators are encouraged to submit abstracts for the competition. The ten highest scored Early-Career Investigator submissions determined by abstract reviewers are selected to be presented in a special symposium. The top three recipients are recognized at the Spring Clinical Meeting each year.

Aroon Pressram Agreement between Dual-Energy Computed Tomography (DECT) and MRI after Stroke Intervention 2023 SCM - 1st Place
Olivia Catherine Certa Implementation and Evaluation of Rapidplan PT Knowledge-Based Planning 2023 SCM - 2nd Place
Yao Chen Cherenkov-Based Positioning Correction Through Registration of Biomarkers 2023 SCM - 3rd Place
Savannah M Decker Automated Detection Algorithms for Improving Radiotherapy Delivery That Directly Quantify Treatment Errors From Online In Vivo Cherenkov Imaging 2022 SCM - 1st place
William S. Ferris, PhD Target Visibility On Planar Radiographs On the Radixact Synchrony System 2022 SCM - 2nd place
Krystal M. Kirby, PhD Workload data in a modern digital radiography practice 2022 SCM - 3rd place
Justine M. Cunningham, MS Enhanced Cardiac Substructure Sparing Using MR-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy 2020 SCM 1st Place
Kayla Blunt, PhD Appropriateness of Using Portable Radiography to Detect Retained Foreign Objects: Quantification of Suture Needle Detection 2020 SCM 2nd Place
Andrew Michael Headley, DMP Intermachine Reproducibility of R2* Measurements Using Least-Squares Fitting 2020 SCM 3rd Place
Jessica Rodgers Towards a 3D Ultrasound Needle Guidance System for High-Dose-Rate Interstitial Gynecologic Brachytherapy Implant Placements 2019 SCM 1st Place
Derek J. Gillies, PhD Minimally Invasive Focal Liver Tumor Therapy Using a Mechanically Assisted 3D Ultrasound System for Geometrically Variable Imaging 2019 SCM 2nd Place
Muhammad Ramish Ashraf Remote, Real-Time and High-Resolution Optical Imaging of Small Beamlets Relevant in Radiotherapy 2019 SCM 3rd Place
Ilma Xhaferllari Characterizing the Response of Gafchromic Film to Magnetic Fields On An MRI-Guided Linear Accelerator 2018 SCM 1st Place
Irwin I. Tendler, PhD Linear Accelerator Pulse-Synchronized Imaging of Scintillator Emission for Patient Surface Dosimetry 2018 SCM 2nd Place
Brian J. Leong, MS A Novel 3D Printed Liquid-Based Brachytherapy Ultrasound QA Phantom 2018 SCM 3rd Place
Alon Witztum, DPhil Spatial Dose Surface Map Visualization for Hollow Organ Dose Evaluation 2017 SCM 1st Place
Emily Hubley, MS A Novel Quality Control Test for Gantry Angle Accuracy in Respiratory-Gated VMAT Treatments 2017 SCM 2nd Place
Jonathon A. Van Schelt, PhD Characterization and Validation of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeters for In-Vivo Surface Dosimetry of HDR Breast Brachytherapy Treatment 2017 SCM 3rd Place
Manju Liu, PhD Effective and Efficient Grid Therapy Using High Dose Rate Flattening Filter Free Beam and Multileaf Collimator 2016 SCM 1st Place
Michael R. Young Improving Non-MCO VMAT Planning in RayStation for Prostate Treatment with An Automated Knowledge-Based Model Created Using a Database of Clinical MCO-IMRT Plans 2016 SCM 2nd Place
Christiane Sarah Burton A Novel Energy-Dependent Subtraction Method for Cardiac Imaging: Signal and Noise Analysis 2016 SCM 3rd Place
Izabella L. Barreto, PhD Quantifying Organ Dose and Improving Image Quality in CT Exams of Subjects with Metal Implants Utilizing a Metal-Artifact Reduction Algorithm 2015 SCM 1st Place
Meral L. Reyhan, PhD Characterization of the Effect of MRI On Gafchromic Film Dosimetry 2015 SCM 2nd Place
Edgar Gelover, PhD Combining Collimation with Spot-Scanning Proton Therapy to Improve Brain Treatments 2015 SCM 3rd Place
Xuanfeng Ding, PhD Generation and Applications of 3D Printed Patient Specific Devices for Proton Therapy 2014 SCM 1st Place
Dustin J. Jacqmin, PhD A Comprehensive and Efficient QA system for Validation of Photon Dose Calculation Accuracy 2014 SCM 2nd Place
Taeho Kim, PhD Automated Treatment Planning System Dosimetric Quality Assurance 2014 SCM 3rd Place
Anna M. Mench, PhD Investigation of X-Ray Attenuation Properties of Organs within the Body and Head of Cadaveric Subjects vs. Living Patients for the Validation of CT Organ Dose Measurements 2013 SCM 1st Place
Lindsay Sinclair Direct Organ Dose Measurement for Multi-Detector Computed Tomography Utilizing Cadaveric Subjects 2013 SCM 2nd Place
James Valle Roberts, MS A Rapid 1D in Vivo Dose Measurement Technique for VMAT Treatments Using Single Integrated Portal Images 2013 SCM 3rd Place (Tie)
Ke Colin Huang, PhD Volume Based Evaluation of Geometric Distortion in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using 3D Template Matching 2013 SCM 3rd Place (Tie)
Patricia Judy Clinical Assessment and Utility of Eye Dose Measurements for Imaging Procedures 2012 SCM 1st Place
Steven R. Jackson, MS Evaluation of External Factors Affecting Response of XR-QA2 Gafchromic Film for Diagnostic Energy Range Application 2012 SCM 2nd Place
Sharif F. Elguindi Pneumonitis Risk Analysis Based On V20 Measurements in Lung Cancer Patients 2012 SCM 3rd Place