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AAPM-IPEM Medical Physics Travel Grant (no longer awarded)

This grant was made annually to a U.S. AAPM member who showed evidence of an active scientific career in medical physics. The purpose of this grant was to promote communications and professional partnerships between U.S. AAPM members and IPEM members from the United Kingdom

Surendra  N.  Rustgi 1995 Daniel  A.  Low 1996
Donald  E.  Herbert 1997 Ge  Wang 1999
Chang Ming Charlie  Ma 2000 Indra  J.  Das 2001
Eric  E.  Klein 2002 Paul  J.  Keall 2003
Paul Richard  Morrison 2004 Stanley  H.  Benedict 2005
Mark  Oldham 2006 George  A.  Sandison 2007
Jean  M  Moran 2008 Lili  Chen 2009
Lu  Wang 2010 Jun  Deng 2011
Laurence Edward  Court 2012