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2004 Young Investigators Symposium Winners

3rd Place
J Wilkie, M Giger,
M Chinander, C Engh, J Martell
University of Chicago

Textural Analysis of Pelvis Bone Images for Early Detection of Osteolysis in Hip Replacement Patients

2nd Place
W S Culberson, HJ Selbach,
HM Kramer, LA DeWerd
University of Wisconsin

New 125I and 103Pd Brachytherapy Seed Air-Kerma-Strength Measurement Techniques

1st Place
A Sawant, LE Antonuk, J Daniel, Y El-Mohri, Y Li, Z Su, Y Wang, J Yamamoto and Q Zhao
University of Michigan

Empirical Investigation of a New Generation of High QE Detectors for Active Matrix Flat-Panel Imager EPIDs