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Report No. 177 - Acceptance Testing and Annual Physics Survey Recommendations for Gamma Camera, SPECT, and SPECT/CT Systems (2019)

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This report makes recommendations for performing acceptance tests and annual physics surveys of gamma camera and SPECT systems. Recommendations are compiled from several documents and publications that define and describe methods for gamma camera testing and from the experience of many medical physicists working in the field of nuclear medicine. Recommendations for SPECT/CT are a new feature of this document. They are of limited scope to address issues of SPECT and CT spatial alignment and tests to assure a certain degree of attenuation correction accuracy and image quality.

For acceptance testing, the focus is on being able to test newly installed systems in a clinic with available phantoms in a day’s time that will provide sufficient data to evaluate manufacturer specification and provide clinically relevant results. A subset of results is also to be used as reference data for subsequent annual surveys. An annual physics survey of system performance should become an essential component in any nuclear medicine imaging quality assurance program.

The tests described in this report are categorized into four sections: Physical Inspection, Gamma Camera Planar Tests, SPECT Tests, and SPECT/CT Tests. The tests include recommendations for both acceptance testing and an annual physics survey. Those for acceptance testing are to be performed only once. An acceptance protocol should also include all the tests recommended for an annual survey.

ISBN: 978-1-936366-68-2
Task Group No. 177 - Gamma Camera, SPECT, and SPECT/CT Acceptance Testing and Annual Physics Surveys (TG177)

James Halama, Daryl Graham, Beth A. Harkness, S. Cheenu Kappadath, Mark T. Madsen, Richard J. Massoth, James A. Patton, Sharon L. White, Lawrence E. Williams, Wesley W. Wooten

Committee Responsible: Nuclear Medicine Subcommittee

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