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Report No. 223 - Radiation dosimetry in digital breast tomosynthesis: Report of AAPM Tomosynthesis Subcommittee Task Group 223 (2014)

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The radiation dose involved in any medical imaging modality that uses ionizing radiation needs to be well understood by the medical physics and clinical community. This is especially true of screening modalities. Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) has recently been introduced into the clinic and is being used for screening for breast cancer in the general population. Therefore, it is important that the medical physics community have the required information to be able to understand, estimate, and communicate the radiation dose levels involved in breast tomosynthesis imaging. For this purpose, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Group 223 on Dosimetry in Tomosynthesis Imaging has prepared this report that discusses dosimetry in breast imaging in general, and describes a methodology and provides the data necessary to estimate mean breast glandular dose from a to- mosynthesis acquisition. In an effort to maximize familiarity with the procedures and data provided in this Report, the methodology to perform the dose estimation in DBT is based as much as possi- ble on that used in mammography dose estimation.

Medical Physics, 41, 091501 (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-936366-29-3

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Keywords: Breast, Tomosynthesis, DBT
Tomosynthesis Subcommittee Task Group #223

Ioannis Sechopoulos, John M. Sabol, Johan Berglund, Wesley E. Bolch, Libby Brateman, Emmanuel Christodoulou, Michael Flynn, William Geiser, Mitchell Goodsitt, A. Kyle Jones, Joseph Y. Lo, Andrew D. A. Maidment, Kazuyoshi Nishino, Anita Nosratieh, Baorui Ren, W. Paul Segars, Miriam Von Tiedemann

Committee Responsible: Breast X-Ray Imaging Subcommittee

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