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Report No. 135 - Report of AAPM TG 135: Quality assurance for robotic radiosurgery (2011)

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The task group (TG) for quality assurance for robotic radiosurgery was formed by the American Association of Physicists in Medicineís Science Council under the direction of the Radiation Ther- apy Committee and the Quality Assurance (QA) Subcommittee. The task group (TG-135) had three main charges: (1) To make recommendations on a code of practice for Robotic Radiosurgery QA; (2) To make recommendations on quality assurance and dosimetric verification techniques, especially in regard to real-time respiratory motion tracking software; (3) To make recommendations on issues which require further research and development. This report provides a general functional overview of the only clinically implemented robotic radiosurgery device, the CyberKnifeVR . This report includes sections on device components and their individual component QA recommendations, followed by a section on the QA requirements for integrated systems. Examples of checklists for daily, monthly, annual, and upgrade QA are given as guidance for medical physicists. Areas in which QA procedures are still under development are discussed.

Medical Physics, 38, 2914-2936 (2011)

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Keywords: Quality Assurance, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Radiation Therapy, Robotic Radiosurgery, Real-time Respiratory Motion Tracking
Working Group on Recommendations for Radiotheraphy External Beam Quality Assurance Task Group #135

Sonja Dieterich, Carlo Cavedon, Cynthia F. Chuang, Alan B. Cohen, Jeffrey A. Garrett, Charles L. Lee, Jessica R. Lowenstein, Maximian F. díSouza, David D. Taylor Jr., Xiaodong Wu, Cheng Yu

Committee Responsible: Quality Assurance and Outcome Improvement Subcommittee

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