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Review and Extension of External Beam Reference Dosimetry Protocols (WGTG51)

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ActivitiesThe primary goal of the working group is to provide an ongoing review of requirements for updating external beam reference dosimetry protocols and providing guidance on implementation of these protocols by end users and for purposes of improving the quality of calibrations conducted by the network of ADCLs.  This includes reviewing experimental and calculated data sets of beam quality conversion factors and ion chamber calibration coefficients. The WG will work closely with the AAPM ion chamber registry working group (WGICR) to ensure consistency with published protocols and the data available through the ion chamber registry, once established.The WG will also review other calibration issues related to external beam reference dosimetry with the intention of ensuring quality improvement in reference dose determination in the radiation therapy clinic.
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Review and Extension of External Beam Reference Dosimetry Protocols  [Status]

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Arman Sarfehnia
Workgroup Chair

2024 Roster

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VOTING AppointmentsThere are 12 voting members.

up-to-dateStephen D. Davis, PhD

8/8/2018 - 12/31/2024 Work Group Vice Chair

up-to-dateSandeep K. Dhanesar, PhD

1/1/2021 - 12/31/2026 Member

up-to-dateYair A. Hillman

1/1/2021 - 12/31/2026 Member

up-to-dateViktor M. Iakovenko, PhD

10/6/2021 - 12/31/2024 Member

up-to-dateGrace Gwe-Ya Kim, PhD

1/1/2023 - 12/31/2025 Member

up-to-dateStephen F. Kry, PhD

1/1/2022 - 12/31/2024 Member

up-to-dateVictor Gabriel Leandro Alves, DSc

1/1/2021 - 12/31/2026 Member

up-to-dateYu Lei, PhD

1/1/2021 - 12/31/2026 Member

up-to-dateBryan R. Muir, PhD

1/1/2023 - 12/31/2025 Member

up-to-dateJames Renaud, PhD

11/5/2021 - 12/31/2024 Member

up-to-dateArman Sarfehnia, PhD

1/1/2022 - 12/31/2024 Workgroup Chair

up-to-dateRonald E. Tosh, PhD

1/1/2022 - 12/31/2024 Member
NON-VOTING AppointmentsThere are 0 non-voting members and guests.
HQ Team Appointed to CommitteeThere are 0 staff.

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