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Ionization Chamber Registry Working Group (WGICR)

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  1. Establish AAPM sanctioned ionization chamber registry (ICR). The WG will likely need to:
    1. Produce a refereed Medical Physics paper on procedures for the inclusion of an ionization chamber on the ICR.
    2. Work with AAPM legal to establish an AAPM policy document for the ICR, similar to AP 75-C “Joint AAPM/IROC Houston Registry of Brachytherapy Sources Complying with AAPM Dosimetric Prerequisites”.
    3. Work with IROC Houston and AAPM to modify the AAPM-IROC memorandum of agreement with a statement that AAPM promotes and supports IROC Houston hosting the ICR
    4. Work with IROC Houston to establish a website to host the ICR.
    5. Compile data for chambers already recommended for reference dosimetry in the addendum to the TG-51 protocol (“Addendum to the AAPM’s TG-51 protocol for clinical reference dosimetry of high-energy photon beams,” Med. Phys 41, 041501 (20pp), 2014) and add to the ICR website.
    6. Develop a collaborative relationship with IAEA to explore broadening the scope of AAPM sanctioned ICR to a joint AAPM-IAEA sanctioned ICR.
  2. Once established the WGICR will:
    1. Maintain the AAPM Administrative Policy on the ICR and update procedures for inclusion on the registry as required.
    2. Review applications received for ionization chambers to be included in the registry. This review shall be for compliance with the requirements of the Policy, and in preparation for submission to the CLA.
    3. Forward applications for ionization chambers to be included in the registry, with a recommendation for or against approval, to the CLA.
    4. Make recommendations to the CLA for removal of ionization chambers from the registry, either for cause, or on request of the vendor.
    5. Expand the registry to include other treatment modalities (e.g., electron, protons, heavy particles, MR linacs, etc.) as dosimetry data and AAPM/IAEA recommendations become available.
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Approved Date(s):7/2/2018 - 12/31/2037
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Ronald Tosh
Workgroup Chair

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