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AAPM Position Statements

Position Statement number Position Statement name Approval date Sunset date
PS 1-A AAPM/ACR/HPS Joint Statement on Proper Use of Radiation Dose Metric Tracking for Patients Undergoing Medical Imaging Exams 8/6/2021 12/31/2026
PS 2-B Dose Management in Diagnostic Radiology 8/25/2022 12/31/2027
PS 3-B AAPM Position Statement on the Use of Bismuth Shielding for the Purpose of Dose Reduction in CT scanning 8/25/2022 12/31/2027
PS 4-A AAPM Position Statement on Radiation Risks from Medical Imaging Procedures 4/10/2018 12/31/2023
PS 5-A Scope of Practice for Clinical Medical Physics 8/2/2018 12/31/2023
PS 6-A AAPM Position Statement on the Role of Medical Physicists in Providing Quality Medical Care 11/28/2018 12/31/2023
PS 7-A Definition of A Qualified Medical Physicist 8/2/2018 12/31/2023
PS 8-A AAPM Position Statement on the Use of Patient Gonadal and Fetal Shielding 4/2/2019 12/31/2024
PS 9-A Policy on CT Whole Body Screening 12/4/2019 12/31/2024
PS 10-A AAPM/CRCPD/MITA Joint Statement on FDA Guidance of “Medical X-ray Imaging Devices Conformance with IEC Standards 11/19/2020 12/31/2025
PS 11-A Qualifications and Practice Standards for Clinical Medical Physicists: A Guide for Government and Regulators 11/19/2021 12/31/2026

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