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AAPM Information

Policy number Policy name Approval date Sunset date
AP 81-A Committee Websites 3/19/2009 12/31/2024
AP 90-A Advertising Policy 10/15/2013 12/31/2024
AP 84-B Suspension of Access to AAPM website 10/17/2016 12/31/2026
AP 103-A AAPM BBS Forum Policy 4/18/2017 12/31/2024
AP 1-E Presentation of AAPM Position 9/4/2018 12/31/2025
AP 19-G Privacy and Security 11/8/2019 12/31/2024
AP 110-B Independent posting of electronic information by AAPM groups 6/12/2020 12/31/2024
AP 108-B Sharing of AAPM Member Only Content 3/25/2021 12/31/2024
AP 115-B Guidelines for Presentation of TG, WG, and MPPG Reports at AAPM Meetings 9/28/2022 12/31/2025
AP 94-C Social Media Policy for AAPM Groups 9/28/2022 12/31/2025

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