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Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
PP 15-C Conflict of Interest 12/2/2015 12/31/2020
Policy source
2009 RSNA Meeting Board Minutes
Policy text
The AAPM relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of its Members and friends to conduct the business of the Association. In certain roles, volunteers will from time to time have access to sensitive information that must be held confidential, or may be in a position to advocate for policy that could influence the business or professional affairs of others. It is expected that volunteers will at all times hold the best interests of the AAPM as paramount while doing AAPM-related work. Any situation in which a volunteer has a real or perceived obligation, loyalty or personal interest that is plausibly in conflict with the interests of the AAPM shall be formally disclosed in advance or as soon as it arises. While the existence of a real or perceived conflict of interest must be disclosed, it does not necessarily disqualify a volunteer from service. A volunteer in a conflicted situation should consider recusing him/herself from part or all of an activity so as to not cast doubt on the credibility of the AAPM work product. Intentional abuse of a volunteer position within the AAPM for the benefit of the volunteer or any third party is unacceptable and subject to sanctions as stipulated in the AAPM's Code of Ethics.
Policy version history
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date Active?
PP 15-C Conflict of Interest 12/2/2015 12/31/2020 Active
PP 15-B Conflict of Interest 11/28/2009 12/1/2015 Inactive
PP 15-A Conflict of Interest 7/25/2004 11/27/2009 Inactive

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