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PP 30-A Diversity Statement 12/2/2015 12/31/2020
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The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) is committed to recognizing and, indeed, celebrating diversity in the field of medical physics. The AAPM definition of diversity includes differences of race and ethnicity; language; nationality; age; sex; gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; socioeconomic status; religion; and all physical abilities. We recognize that a more diverse community of medical physics practitioners, educators, and researchers provides our association with a greater collective understanding of the challenges underserved and minority individuals, particularly patients, face regarding radiation therapy or medical imaging procedures. Outside the clinical arena, we acknowledge that a diverse workforce of medical physicists will help our association excel at education and research. The AAPM believes in inclusion for everyone involved in our operations, including staff, students, residents, members, fellows, volunteers, and leadership. We strive to increase the diversity of the AAPM through outreach and mentoring.
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Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date Active?
PP 30-A Diversity Statement 12/2/2015 12/31/2020 Active

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