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Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 138-A AAPM Board Onboarding and Board Director Commitment 4/2/2023 12/31/2028
Policy source
April 2, 2023 EXCOM Meeting Minutes
Policy text

To ensure the AAPM provides the Board of Directors a Board orientation, informs Directors of their role and responsibilities, and receives acknowledgements of understanding and Commitment Form receipt.


AAPM provides Board orientation and education for Board of Directors’ training and development. The AAPM gives this onboarding to integrate a new Director into the AAPM organization and culture and to equip the Director with necessary tools and information. Onboarding includes general and Board-specific committee information and may be both formal and informal.

All persons serving on the AAPM’s Board of Directors shall provide a receipt (via email) acknowledging their understanding of the Director’s role and responsibilities and their receiving of the Board of Directors Commitment Form. This form must be returned no later than 30 days after starting their term of service.


The AAPM Governance Committee (GOVC) is responsible for suggesting modifications to and implementation of this policy. The Secretary as chair of GOVC is responsible for the oversight of this policy and related procedures.


All AAPM Board of Directors, volunteers, and staff are responsible for the proper use of and compliance with this policy.

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AAPM Board of Directors Commitment Form

While serving as a Member of the Board of Directors (Board) of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), I understand that I have leadership, fiduciary duties of care and loyalty, and other responsibilities in this role. In line with those responsibilities, I intend the following:

  • I will learn about AAPM. I will participate in Board orientation and Director education session(s). I will understand our mission, vision, goals, policies, programs, benefits, strengths, and needs. I will stay current on our organization and financial position and spend time with our leadership team.
  • I will prepare and carry out my formal work as a Director. I will review the governance overview and other key governance and operating materials. I will attend Board and committee meetings. I will prepare for those meetings by studying agendas and board bulletins. I will ask for more information if I have questions, participate actively in discussions, focus on the people and communities we serve, speak up if I have concerns, notify the Chair of the Board if I think I may have a conflict of interest in a particular matter, and take responsibility for my action items.
  • I will work to build a diverse and inclusive Board and boardroom. I will engage with my colleagues and the larger AAPM community, get to know and interact meaningfully with new members of the Board, and be open-minded to different perspectives and ways of working. I will look outside of my personal networks for potential Board and committee members with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I will reflect honestly on the Board’s culture, composition, and practices, and I will work to build a more inclusive Board and organization.
  • I will represent and contribute to AAPM. I will serve as an active advocate and ambassador and represent AAPM’s values and work to the medical physics community and public. I will be available as a discussion partner for management and for my colleagues. I will provide professional expertise when I can and appropriately leverage connections, networks, and resources for the organization.
  • I will be responsive and communicative. I will notify the Chair of the Board and the chairs of my committees if I have to miss a meeting or will be unavailable for a period of time. I will complete Board self-evaluation and other surveys and provide AAPM with the conflict of interest disclosure and other information required for compliance purposes, including the Form 990 tax return. I will respond promptly to emails and calls from Board members and staff. If I change jobs or occupations, join other nonprofit boards, or believe I am unable to carry out my responsibilities as a Director, I will notify the Chair of the Board.

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Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date Active?
AP 138-A AAPM Board Onboarding and Board Director Commitment 4/2/2023 12/31/2028 Active

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