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Virtual Residency Fair

Residency Fair Flyer ImageWe are excited to announce that the AAPM Students and Trainees Subcommittee (STSC) will be hosting the 2023 STSC Virtual Residency Fair, which will take place from September 6th to October 2nd, 2023 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3:00 - 7:20 PM EDT (12:00 - 4:20 PM PDT) in 80-minute time slots.

This initiative aims to connect prospective medical physics residency program applicants and programs, and enable broader participation for those unable to attend the on-site event. We encourage students, trainees, and prospective applicants to register to attend this Virtual event, as an accessible way to learn more about programs!

Attendee Registration is now open: https://forms.gle/dxSk1UhxgX9CZJVL9

The 2023 Virtual Residency Fair Timetable with the scheduled dates and times of participating programs and Google Calendar with the virtual meeting links will be shared with all registered attendees by the week of Monday, August 28th, 2023. You must register in advance to receive the meeting links to attend the sessions.

STSC 2023 Virtual Fair Resources:

Additionally, for International Candidates, according to the 2023 Post-MedPhys Match Survey, most international candidates indicated that the need of a visa limited their choice of programs, and it is difficult to find information on if or how programs provided Visa assistantships. Therefore, the STSC Residency Fair team gathered the Visa assistance types (F1-OPT, H1B, J1, TN, and No Assistance) from all participating programs shown in Program Information 2023-24 available in the STSC 2023 Residency Fair Resource Drive. There will be a special STSC Visa Information Session on Friday, September 8th from 12-1PM EST to address general questions and concerns for international candidates in the Virtual Residency Fair from a student and trainee perspective. Please fill out the survey (International Candidates Visa Questions/Concerns) if you have any thoughts or questions about the topic.

Student & Trainee Visa Information Webinar
The AAPM Student and Trainee Subcommittee (STSC) is excited to host a Student & Trainee Visa Information Webinar at the STSC 2023 Virtual Residency Fair for all international candidates interested in applying for residency programs in the United States on Friday, September 8th from 12-1PM EDT.

Webinar Outline
Moderators: Kai Huang & Kai-Cheng Chuang

  • Ke Lu, PhD, Duke University (F1-OPT)
  • Laszlo Zalavari, PhD, Stanford University (H1-B)
  • Chieh-Wen Liu, PhD, Cleveland Clinic (J1)
  • Stella Xing, PhD, Harvard University (TN)

Join us to hear the perspectives and experiences of current residents who recently navigated this process, followed by an open Q&A session for any questions you may have.

Time: Friday, September 8th, 2023 @ 12-1pm EDT

Questions? If you have any further questions about the STSC Residency Fair, please contact Claire Park at cpark25@bwh.harvard.edu or Huiming Dong at HuimingDong@mednet.ucla.edu.