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AAPM Reports - A Standard Format for Digital Image Exchange
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Report No. 010 - A Standard Format for Digital Image Exchange (1982)

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This document describes a simple yet flexible magnetic tape format for exchanging digital image information. Multi-dimensional arrays of raster scan data are stored as sequential files, with descriptive information related to these files stored in an initial directory tile. Directory information is stored as ASCII ‘key-value pair” character strings that can be read by people as well as computer programs. used for directory searches, al Key-value pairs are so to identify and provide supp lementary information about the images. Since the directory is relatively self-explanatory it is possible in many cases to write a program for reading an AAPM tape without reference to a published standard. This proposal conforms with applicable sections of ANSI standards X3.22-1973 and X3.39-1973, “Recorded Magnetic Tape for Information Interchange” (800 and 1600 BPI) X3.40-1976, “Unrecorded Magnetic Tape for Information Interchange”, and X3.27-1969, “Standard Magnetic Tape Labels for Information Interchange”.

ISBN: 978-0-883184-08-0

Keywords: Digital Image , Pre-DICOM, File Structure, Header, Communication
Task Force on Digital Image Data Exchange of the Science Council

Brent S. Baxter, Lewis E. Hitchner, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr.

Committee Responsible: Imaging Informatics Subcommittee

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