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Report No. 075 - Clinical use of electronic portal imaging: Report of AAPM Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group 58 (2001)

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AAPM Task Group 58 was created to provide materials to help the medical physicist and col- leagues succeed in the clinical implementation of electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) in radiation oncology. This complex technology has matured over the past decade and is capable of being integrated into routine practice. However, the difficulties encountered during the specifica- tion, installation, and implementation process can be overwhelming. TG58 was charged with pro- viding sufficient information to allow the users to overcome these difficulties and put EPIDs into routine clinical practice. In answering the charge, this report provides; comprehensive information about the physics and technology of currently available EPID systems; a detailed discussion of the steps required for successful clinical implementation, based on accumulated experience; a review of software tools available and clinical use protocols to enhance EPID utilization; and specific quality assurance requirements for initial and continuing clinical use of the systems. Specific recommen- dations are summarized to assist the reader with successful implementation and continuing use of an EPID.

Medical Physics, 28, 712-737 (2001)

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Keywords: Electronic Portal Imaging, Portal Imaging, Radiation Therapy Imaging
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #58

Michael G. Herman, James M. Balter, David A. Jaffray, Kiarin P. McGee, Peter Munro, Shlomo Shalev, Marcel Van Herk, John W. Wong

Committee Responsible: Therapy Imaging Subcommittee

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