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Report No. 275.S - AAPM task group report 275.S: Survey strategy and results on plan review and chart check practices in US and Canada (2023)

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The TG-275 survey captured a baseline of practices on initial plan, on-treatment, and end-of-treatment checks across a wide variety of clinics and institutions. The results of test of association showed practice heterogeneities as a function of demographic characteristics. Survey data were successfully used to inform TG-275 recommendations.

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

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Keywords: plan and chart check, plan review, survey results
Task Group No. 275 - Strategies for Effective Physics Plan and Chart Review in Radiation Therapy (TG275)

Deborah L. Schofield, Leigh A. Conroy, William S. Harmsen, Jennifer Lynn Johnson, Michelle C. Wells, Lei Dong, Luis E. Fong de los Santos

Committee Responsible: Work Group on Prevention of Errors in Radiation Oncology

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