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Report No. 218 - Tolerance Limits and Methodologies for IMRT Measurement-Based Verification QA: Recommendations of AAPM Task Group No. 218 (2018)

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Patient-specific IMRT QA measurements are important components of processes designed to identify discrepancies between calculated and delivered radiation doses. Discrepancy tolerance limits are neither well defined nor consistently applied across centers. The AAPM TG-218 report provides a comprehensive review aimed at improving the understanding and consistency of these processes as well as recommendations for methodologies and tolerance limits in patient-specific IMRT QA.

Medical Physics

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Task Group No. 218 - Tolerance Levels and Methodologies for IMRT Verification QA

Moyed Miften, Arthur Olch, Dimitris Mihailidis, Jean Moran, Todd Pawlicki, Andrea Molineu, Harold Li, Krishni Wijesooriya, Jie Shi, Ping Xia, Nikos Papanikolaou, Daniel A. Low

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