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AAPM Reports - A Primer on Low-Level Ionizing Radiation and Its Biological Effects
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Report No. 018 - A Primer on Low-Level Ionizing Radiation and Its Biological Effects (1986)

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During the past few years widespread concern regarding the health effects of low levels of’ ionizing radiation has developed. Lou radiation levels include patient exposures in medical diagnostic procedures using x-rays or radioactive materials, occupational exposures from radiation sources used in medicine and industry, end public environmental exposures due to the presence of x-ray sources or contamination with radioactive substances. The information in this primer is intended to provide an up-to-date review of the scientific background and current estimates of the potential risk of adverse effects of such exposure. The effects of high radiation levels such as those occurring in a serious accident with large radiation sources or in nuclear warfare may include rapid appearance of radiation damage and early death, but these are not discussed here because the early damaging effects cannot be produced by low-level exposures. This primer is principally directed to the professional staffs of medical institutions, particularly medical physicists, radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists, but also to other physicians who refer patients for examinations involving low levels of radiation exposure, or who may be exposed to radiation in a clinical or research environment. It is hoped that the information contained herein will also be educational to diagnostic x-ray, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine technologists. and to nurses, particularly that in Section II which lists a large number of questions commonly asked by patients and medical personnel who are exposed to radiation, together with answers based on current assessments of radiation risks.

ISBN: 978-0-883185-14-8
Biological Effects Committee

Edward W. Webster, A. B. Ashare, R. J. Baker, A. B. Brill, C. C. Chamberlain, R. O. Gorson, E. C. Gregg, D. E. Herbert, E. C. Krishnan, L. H. Lanzl, C. C. Ling, A. Norman, C. G. Orton, J. Ovadia, A. J. Schneider, R. J. Schulz, R. J. Shalek, R. L. Witkofsk

Committee Responsible: Biological Effects Subcommittee

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