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Report No. 077 - Exposures from the Uranium Series with Emphasis on Radon and Its Daughters (1984)

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Report No. 77 considers and evaluates potential exposures from the radionuclides of the uranium series with emphasis on radon and its daughters. The Report examines, on the basis of available information, the sources of radon, the levels of exposure and their probable distribution, and estimates the risks attributable to these exposures. The Report concludes that while information on levels and number of individuals exposed in the United States population is incomplete and needs to be improved, potentially the most significant radiation exposure of the United States population is that from naturally occurring radon and its daughters. The Report develops the rationale for recommendations for remedial action, specifies a level of exposure at which remedial measures need to be considered, and suggests possible remedial measures.
Scientific Committee:
John H. Harley, Chairman

Naomi H. Harley
John W. Healy
George V. LeRoy
Ernest G. Letourneau
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