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Report No. 078 - Evaluation of Occupational and Environmental Exposures to Radon and Radon Daughters in the United States (1984)

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Report No. 78 considers the radon daughter lung dose for both occupational and general population exposures. The Report addresses the complexity of the lung dose calculation and discusses the various factors which influence the dosimetry. The Report examines the variability of the radon daughter dose conversion factor for the underground miner, as well as for the adult male and female, child and infant in the general population. The Report describes a model for estimating lung cancer incidence from exposure to radon and its daughters at exposure levels of concern to the general population and to the miner. The Report presents calculations of the potential risk associated with the occupational radon daughter exposures and it estimates the risk to the members of the general population from exposure to an assumed average environmental level of radon daughters.
Scientific Committee:
Naomi H. Harley, Chairman

Fred T. Cross
Bruce D. Stuart
Victor E. Archer, Advisor
Donald A. Morken, Advisor
John H. Harley, Consultant
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