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Report No. 081 - Carbon-14 in the Environment (1985)

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This Report summarizes the available information on C-14 in terms of its physical properties, sources, distribution in the environment, sampling and analysis, biology, projected impact, dosimetry, and waste management; and considers and evaluates its importance as a potential source of local and worldwide radiation exposure. Carbon-14 is produced naturally by cosmic ray interactions in the atmosphere. This natural source has been augmented by anthropogenic sources which include fallout from nuclear weapons testing and, to a lesser extent, emissions from nuclear power reactors. The specific activity of the atmospheric C-14 is continually reduced by the combustion products of fossil fuels and other sources which release stable carbon to the atmosphere diluting C-14 concentrations.
Scientific Committee:
A. Allen Moghissi, Chairman

Philip W. Krey
Lester Machta
John M. Matuszek
John R. Totter
Robert W. van Wyck
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