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Report No. 082 - SI Units in Radiation Protection and Measurements (1985)

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Report No. 82 considers the concepts of quantities and units and gives a brief history of the international system (SI). The structure of the system is discussed, including base units, supplementary units, derived units, and some special categories of units. The meaning of coherence, which is an advantage of the SI, is explained, as well as the use of prefixes in the SI. Relationships between conventional units and SI units for some quantities used in radiation measurements are discussed and examples are given of calculations in both customary and SI units. The Report also contains the Council's recommendation calling for the gradual adoption of SI units over a five-year transition period.
Scientific Committee:
Randall S. Caswell, Chairman

Edward R. Epp
William A. McCarthy
Fred A. Mettler, Jr.
Ralph H. Thomas
Henry N. Wagner. Jr.
Harold O. Wyckoff
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