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Report No. 083 - The Experimental Basis for Absorbed-Dose Calculations in Medical Uses of Radionuclides (1985)

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The primary purpose of this Report is to review the current status of the methods used to estimate the radiation absorbed doses to humans from internally deposited radionuclides. Particular emphasis will be placed on comparing the results of direct measurements with calculations based on mathematical models to estimate the parameters that enter into dose calculations. Methods will be suggested which may be used to obtain good data. The Report briefly reviews the history of internal radiation dosimetry, followed by a discussion of the physical parameters and transport calculations in dosimetry. Included is a discussion of the techniques used to measure the activity distributions in humans, and the factors which should be considered in making in-viuo absorbed dose measurements. Also, comparisons of measured and calculated absorbed dose values in phantoms, animals, and humans are made. The Report includes a formalism in Appendix A that can be used to quantify the radioactivity in irregular geometric shapes using an external measurement technique. Other appendices include a glossary and symbols. Recommendations for further studies are given.
Scientific Committee:
James S. Robertson, Chairman

Martin J. Berger
Jerry P. Jones
Katherine A. Lathrop
John W. Poston
Kenneth N. Vanek
Robert G. Zamenhof
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