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Report No. 090 - Neptunium Radiation Protection Guidelines (1988)

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Report No. 90 is an addition to the series of reports that treat radiation protection concerns in connection with individual radionuclides. It reviews knowledge of neptunium in areas that are important to radiation protection. Treated in the Report are chemical and physical properties of neptunium, the sources of neptunium in the environment, and potential pathways to man. Since the gastrointestinal absorption of neptunium by humans has become an important question, considerable attention is directed to the understanding that might be gained from careful review of the animal studies on metabolic behavior neptunium. Health effects are treated and radiation protection guidelines are provided.
Scientific Committee:
Roy C. Thompson. Chairman

Maryka H. Bhattacbaryya
Norman Cohen
Robert P. Larsen
Maurice F. Sullivan
Patricia W. Durbin, Consultant
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