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Report No. 092 - Public Radiation Exposure from Nuclear Power Generation in the United States (1987)

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Report No. 92 is the first of a series of reports providing detailed information on population exposures as summarized in NCRP Report No. 93. The Report presents estimates of exposures arising from the entire light water reactor nuclear fuel cycle. Dose estimates are calculated for individuals in the general population who may receive the maximum exposure and for the population within 80 km of facilities that are typical of those in operation in the nuclear fuel cycle. Each process in the cycle is presented in sufficient detail to provide an understanding of the sources and magnitudes of radiations and radionculides involved. Annual release rates of radionuclides to air and water and the resulting radiation doses are given for exposures arising from mining, milling and refining, uranium hexafloride production, enrichment, fuel fabrication, power generation, fuel reprocessing, low-level waste, spent fuel storage, high-level waste, and transportation.
Scientific Committee:
Bernd Kahn, Chairman

Michael J. Bell
Richard L. Blanchard
Edward F. Branagan, Jr.
Kenneth Cowser
Keith F. Eckerman
James M. Hardin
Robert E. Luna
Edward Y. S. Shum
Jerome F. Wing
Charles Willis
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