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Report No. 099 - Quality Assurance for Diagnostic Imaging (1988)

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Report No. 99 addresses factors that influence production of an image which contains the necessary information to enable the imaging physician to report the diagnostic findings to the referring physician. All of the management practices instituted to assure highest quality medical care constitute quality assurance and thus are the subject of the Report. However, major emphasis is given to quality control which is an essential element of quality assurance. In connection with quality control, the Report treats such matters as the establishment of a quality control program, procedures, objectives and policies, photographic quality control, quality control in conventional radiography, fluoroscopic and cine imaging and mobile radiographic capacitor discharge and fluoroscopic systems. Also treated are x-ray tomography, mammography, dental radiography, and radiological special procedures. Computed tomography, digital imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are also addressed. Information is provided on quality control elements of video systems and computers. An appendix provides a summary of quality control tests.
Scientific Committee:
Andrew K Poznanski, Chairman

Harry W. Fischer
Joel E. Gray
William R Hendee
James G. Kereiakes
Harold L Kundel
William J. Tuddenham
James A. Zagzebski
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