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Report No. 100 - Exposure of the U.S. Population from Diagnostic Medical Radiation (1989)

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Report No. 100 is one of a series of five reports providing detailed information on population exposures arising from various sources. The Report addresses the radiation dose to the population from diagnostic medical and dental x-ray examinations and nuclear medicine procedures. Detailed are data sources, the number of examinations, population demographics, differential trends, absorbed doses, gonadal and genetically significant doses, and effective dose equivalents, as well as such items as film usage, and future trends for diagnostic radiology. Considerable attention is devoted to the age distribution of populations undergoing different medical diagnostic examinations because of the import this carries for risk estimation. The Report concludes that the contribution to the annual effective dose equivalent of the United States population in terms of the average annual effective dose equivalent is 0.40 mSv for diagnostic x rays, while that for nuclear medicine is 0.14 mSv. Thus, the medical uses treated provide approximately 15 percent of the total average effective dose equivalent in the United States population.
Scientific Committee:
W.W. Burr (1972-1976)
Robert D. Moseley, Jr. (1976-1987) - deceased
Fred A. Mettler, Jr. (1987-1989)

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