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Report No. 101 - Exposure of the U.S. Population from Occupational Radiation (1989)

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Report No. 101 is another in the series of reports assessing exposures resulting from various sources of radiation. The Report compiles the information on exposures in a wide variety of occupational settings including nuclear power production, medical uses of radiation, industrial applications, and research activities. Review of the available data made evident the need to treat the reasons for, and the uncertainties associated with, personnel dosimetry and these are covered in the Report. Summary information is provided on the effective dose equivalents and the collective effective dose equivalents for the United States work force exposed to radiation. The results demonstrate that occupational exposures are responsible for only a small fraction of the total collective effective dose equivalent for the entire United States population.
Scientific Committee:
Donald E. Barber, Chairman

Barbara G. Brooks
Lawrence H. Lanzl
Roy E. Shore
Paul S. Stansbury
Robert A. Wynveen
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