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Report No. 102 - Medical X-Ray, Electron Beam and Gamma-Ray Protection for Energies Up to 50 MeV (Equipment Design, Performance and Use (Supersedes NCRP Report No. 33) (1989)

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Report No. 102 (1989) treats equipment design and use aspects of medical imaging and therapy systems. It supersedes NCRP Report No. 33, Medical X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Protection for Energies Up to 10 MeV, Equipment Design and Use, which was published in 1968 and served the medical radiation community as a basis for the design and use of medical radiation equipment. This current report differs from the previous one in that it treats a broader energy range and addresses electron beams as well as x and gamma rays. The Report provides recommendations regarding design, performance and optimal use of equipment and also treats such matters as radiation protection surveys and personnel monitoring. Major changes in procedures and equipment have taken place since the publication of the predecessor report and in the current Report these new procedures and equipment designs are treated. Thus, for example, mammography, cardiac catheterization, and computed topographic equipment are covered. Emphasized in connection with diagnostic equipment are imaging characteristics and patient dose. In connection with radiation therapy systems, such topics as simulators are addressed, as well as the necessary equipment and facility design aspects and performance standards. In most cases, recommendations for the user are also provided. Important sections of the Report treat therapy equipment, calibration guides, radiation protection surveys, and working conditions.
Scientific Committee:
Earle C. Gregg, Chairman 1977-1983 (deceased)
Jack S. Krohmer, Chairman 1983-1989

Robert D. Adams
Harold L. Kundel
Seymour H. Levitt
Robert J. Nelsen
William S. Properzio
Gopala U.V. Rao
Leonard Stanton
Robert G. Waggener
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