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Report No. 103 - Control of Radon in Houses (1989)

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Report No. 103 treats the important exposure problem represented by radon and its decay products. The Report evaluates the techniques available to reduce radon and radon decay-product concentrations. Background information on the public health significance of indoor radon and on the sources and behavior of this radionuclide and its airborne decay products inside houses is provided. Attention is directed to general approaches for control, source dependent control techniques, and source independent control techniques. Guidance is also provided on the selection of appropriate control techniques. The aim is to describe and evaluate various methods that can be used to control elevated concentrations of radon and its decay products inside residences, and to provide information on the relative effectiveness and costs of specific control techniques.
Scientific Committee:
Dade W. Moeller, Chairman

Charles T. Hess
Edward F. Maher
Arthur G. Scott
Richard J. Guimond, Consultant
John H. Harley, Consultant
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