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Report No. 108 - Conceptual Basis for Calculations of Absorbed-Dose Distributions (1991)

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Report No. 108 is designed to present an outline of the methodology of theoretical dosimetry. The calculation of dose requires a description of radiation fields in terms of sources of particles, the physics of their interaction, and receptors. With this as input, the calculation should be able to predict the flow of energy in and out of volumes of interest and to calculate the dose. It is with this that Report No. 108 is concerned. Treated are transport formalism, sources, receptors, cross sections, transport theory, including the general theorems and properties and methods of solution, Monte Carlo methods, geometric considerations, and the calculation of dose equivalent. Appendices to the Report provide information about cross sections for transport calculations, examples of absorbed dose and dose equivalent calculations, and a compilation of geometric reduction factors for standard geometries.
Scientific Committee:
Harald H. Rossi, Chairman

R. G. Alsmiller, Jr.
Martin J. Berger
Albrecht M. Kellerer
William C. Roesch
Lewis V. Spencer
Marco A. Zaider
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