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Report No. 110 - Some Aspects of Strontium Radiobiology (1991)

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Report No. 110 reviews the radiobiology of radiostrontium, especially strontium-90. It also presents a review of the pertinent information on the metabolism and dosimetry of radiostrontium. Effects of radiostrontium are described briefly, especially as revealed in a series of long-term animal experiments. The possible extrapolation of these experiments to man is also considered. The Report provides estimates of risk to humans from the internal deposition of strontium-90. Major sections of the Report are those concerned with metabolism of radiostrontium, dosimetry of strontium-90 effects of strontium-90 as seen in the long-term animals studies, effects of strontium-90 compared to those of radium-226, genetic effects of strontium-90, and estimated risks to humans from internally deposited strontium-90. Appendices to the Report tabulate detailed information on activity days accumulated in various forms of bone after the intake of a specified amount of a radionuclide in blood, retention functions for strontium-90, retention in skeletons and details on experimental results of one of the important research studies employing monkeys.
Scientific Committee:
Ray D. Lloyd, Chairman

Patricia W. Durbin
Robert K. Jones
Noms J. Parks
Roy R. Pool
Harvey A. Ragan
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