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Report No. 114 - Maintaining Radiation Protection Records (1992)

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Report No. 114 is another in the series of reports concerned with operational radiation safety issues. The Report describes the elements that should enter into the design of a program for the maintenance of operational radiation safety records. The Report recognizes that radiation safety records can be used for a variety of purposes, including evaluation of a radiation safety program to insure its effective operation, provision of evidence of regulatory compliance, provision of data for epidemiologic studies, and provision of information for making or contesting, in legal proceedings, claims for radiation induced injury. The Report provides guidance for the establishment of a system of operational radiation safety records and makes recommendations about the content and management of such records. Major sections of the Report treat the following subjects: -- guidance for systematic generation and retention of records relating to radiation protection -- radiation protection program records -- individual records -- work place records -- environmental records -- radiation protection instrumentation.
Scientific Committee:
Roscoe M. Hall, Jr., Chairman (deceased)

Joyce P. Davis
Nancy A. Dreyer
Peter S. Littlefield
Bette L. Murphy
Richard J. Vetter
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