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Report No. 119 - A Practical Guide to the Determination of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields (1993)

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Report No. 119 is intended to constitute a compendium of general knowledge useful to those health and safety professionals concerned with evaluating radiofrequency hazards. It provides a comprehensive collection of information on various radiofrequency radiation sources and a straightforward "how to" guide for estimating the exposures associated with these sources. Major sections of the Report treat the following subjects: -- basic concepts, including definitions of terms and units -- procedures for evaluation of exposures -- instruments and measurement techniques -- recommended areas for further research and technical or engineering development. Appendices provide a quick reference source for use in assessing the relative significance of exposures from various radiofrequency sources, including a description of methods for performing practical measurements and computations. Explicit examples of exposure surveys for selected common sources are provided.
Scientific Committee:
Richard A. Tell, Chairman

Howard I. Bassen
Jules Cohen
David L. Conover
Carl H. Durney
Ronald C. Petersen
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