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Report No. 127 - Operational Radiation Safety Program (1998)

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NCRP Report No. 59, Operational Radiation Safety Program, was published in 1978. That report provided the philosophy, basic principles and requirements for a radiation safety program. In the intervening years, there have been many new developments including: new NCRP recommendations for limiting exposure to ionizing radiation (NCRP Report No. 91 in 1987 which was superseded by NCRP Report No. 116 in 1993); new techniques for the measurement and control of exposures and the disposal of radioactive waste; and new applications for ionizing radiation and radioactive materials. These developments served as the Council's rationale for preparing the current Report which supersedes NCRP Report No. 59. Report No. 127 reiterates the basic principles for establishing and maintaining an effective operational radiation safety program. Relevant aspects of such a program are discussed including: facility design criteria, organizationaVmanagement issues, training, internal and external radiation control strategies, radioactive waste disposal, environmental monitoring, radiation safety instrumentation, and emergency response planning.
Scientific Committee:
Kenneth R. Kase, Chairman

15 experts from academia, industry and government
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