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Report No. 128 - Radionuclide Exposure of the Embryo/Fetus (1998)

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Report No. 128 (1998) is designed to provide information on radiation dose to the embryo/fetus from radionculides in the mother. The Report has ten sections making up some 92 pages consisting of an introduction, sources of exposure, review of recommendations and regulations regarding exposure of the embryo/fetus, prenatal development, maternal-fetal exchange, prenatal irradiation effects, fetoplacental concentrations and radiation doses, estimation of embryo/fetus dose in radiation protection practice, research needs, and a summary and conclusions. A large part of this Report, 125 pages, provides biological information, fetal/placental information and radiation dose estimates for 83 radionuclides. The Report contains a glossary of terms, 40 pages of references, and an index for a total of 287 pages.
Scientific Committee:
Melvin R. Sikov, Chairman

James S. Robertson
Evelyn E. Watson
Audrey V. Wegst

Keith F. Eckerman, Consultant
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