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Report No. 133 - Radiation Protection for Procedures Performed Outside the Radiology Department (2000)

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Report No. 133 (2000) is an 81 page document with five sections, two appendices, a glossary, and references. Section 1 introduces sources of occupational radiation exposure and compares occupational exposures in medicine with other sources of occupational exposure. Section 2 describes radiologic medical procedures that are often performed outside the radiology department and categorizes the procedures according to their potential for occupational exposure. Section 3 addresses conditions that affect potential occupational exposure such as time, distance, shielding, and orientation of radiation source, patient and operator. Section 4 addresses medical personnel monitoring and Section 5 briefly addresses the responsibility of management to provide safe conditions for both employees and patients. Appendix A provides information on the philosophy of radiation protection and the biological effects of medical x rays. Appendix B describes the x-ray imaging process for various imaging devices. This Report is intended for the use of clinical staff who conduct medical procedures, radiation protection staff, and those responsible for developing relevant employee education and training programs. Some examples of areas where employees may potentially be exposed are given in Table 1.3. Every medical facility operator should be responsible for incorporating the information contained in this Report into local operational and educational programs.
Scientific Committee:
Douglas R. Shearer, Chairman

Libby F. Brateman
Donald P. Harrington
Mary E. Masterson-McGary
Robert C. Murry, Jr.
Raymond Rossi (deceased)
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