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Report No. 141 - Managing Potentially Radioactive Scrap Metal (2002)

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NCRP Report No. 141 (2002) contains the following eight recommendations: (1) Comprehensive and consistent national and international risk-based policies for managing PRSM need to be developed; (2) A set of uniform clearance standards to address national and international concerns needs to be developed; (3) The standards should include NORM and TENORM; (4) Regulatory control over orphan sources must be improved; (5) The processes of clearance and intervention/interception should be harmonized; (6) The use of licensed mills/brokerages as "clearing houses" for recycling should be encouraged; (7) New technologies and/or plant designs to reduce metal contamination should be developed; and (8) Steps should be taken to enhance public understanding of the clearance process.

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Scientific Committee:
S. Y. Chen, Chairman

William P. Dornsife
H. Robert Meyer
Anthony LaMastra
Dade W. Moeller
Daniel J. Strom
James G. Yusko

Joel O. Lubenau, Advisor
Michael T. Ryan, Advisor
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