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Report No. 150 - Extrapolation of Radiation-Induced Cancer Risks from Nonhuman Experimental Systems to Humans (2005)

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This Report reviews the scientific issues associated with the extrapolation of radiation-induced cancer risks from nonhuman experimental systems to humans. The basic principles of radiation effects at the molecular and cellular level are examined with emphasis on comparisons among various species including humans. These comparisons among species are then continued for cancers of similar cell types in the same organ system. Risk estimates are made from an observed level of effect as a function of organ dose. The major organ systems are individually considered. Extrapolation models are reviewed and include external and internal radiation exposures.

ISBN 0-929600-86-X

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Scientific Committee:
David G. Hoel, Chairman

Bruce A. Carnes
Robert L. Dedrick
R.J. Michael Fry
Douglas Grahn
William C. Griffith
Peter G. Groer
R. Julian Preston

Kelly H. Clifton
Scott C. Miller
Hildegard M. Shuller
Thomas M. Seed
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