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Report No. 158 - Uncertainties in the Measurement and Dosimetry of External Radiation (2007)

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The objective of this Report is to review the current state-of-knowledge of uncertainties in external radiation measurements and dosimetry, and in the conversion coefficients used to relate such measurements to absorbed dose in the human body. The scope of this Report is limited to external radiation exposure only. The emphasis is on uncertainty in the types of measurements used both currently and in the past for the most common occupational and environmental exposure scenarios. Although the Report does not focus directly on medical diagnostic and treatment dosimetry, some of the concepts discussed should be useful for assessing the uncertainty in measurements in this area. The focus is on the uncertainties in measurements of beta, gamma and neutron radiation from sources external to the body and the conversion of the measured quantities to organ absorbed dose. Although the current Report deals only with external radiation exposure situations where at least some measurements were available, many broader dose reconstruction uncertainty issues for which individual dosimetry is limited will require a more elaborate analysis involving one or more models.

ISBN-13: 978-0-929600-96-3

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Keywords: measurements, dosimetry, uncertainty, statistics
Scientific Committee:
Harold L. Beck, Chairman

Leslie A. Braby
Frederick M. Cummings
Kenneth R. Kase
Thomas B. Kirchner
David A. Schauer
Stephen M. Seltzer
Steven L. Simon
Christopher G. Soares
R. Craig Yoder
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