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Report No. 159 - Risk to the Thyroid from Ionizing Radiation (2008)

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Report No. 159, Risk to the Thyroid from Ionizing Radiation, is an update of NCRP Report No. 80, Induction of Thyroid Cancer by Ionizing Radiation, first published in 1985 and reprinted in 1987. This Report is intended to be comprehensive and to serve as an authoritative reference on risks to the thyroid from ionizing radiation and other relevant topics. The conclusions of NCRP Report No. 159 differ significantly from those of the earlier NCRP Report No. 80. Major sources of new data have been published since 1985 that have resulted in a reevaluation of the risk models for thyroid cancer following radiation exposure. In addition, studies of the large population who were exposed when they were children and adolescents to radioiodines released as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident have begun to provide further insight into the effectiveness of radioiodines in causing thyroid cancer. For the population at greatest risk (ages 0 to 14 y), NCRP Report No. 159 preferred model predicts a lifetime risk that is up to 1.5 times greater than that in NCRP Report No. 80. For the entire population, the risk is less in the new Report.

ISBN 978-0-929600-97-0
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Henry D. Royal, Chairman

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