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Commentary No. 028 - Implementation Guidance for Emergency Response Dosimetry (2019)

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Commentary No. 28 (2019) is a companion to National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements' (NCRP) Report No. 179 (2017), which defined the emergency worker and provided guidance to bridge the gap in managing dosimetry between trained, fully equipped emergency workers and the remainder community of responders during the early response period. Responders may arrive at the scene without appropriate dosimetry or radiation detection instrumentation and be expected to promptly measure and control radiation exposures while performing their functions, and later be assigned a radiation dose. This Commentary also complements NCRP Report No. 165 (NCRP 2010) and Commentary No. 19 (2005).

Scientific Committee:
Stephen V. Musolino, Co-Chair, Adela Salame-Alfie, Co-Chair, Bobby R. Baker, Brooke R. Buddemeier, John A. Donnelly, Sr., Helen A. Grogan, William Haley, William E. Irwin, III, David A. Pasquale, Richard K. Schlueck, Jessica S. Wider, Craig M. Marianno, Consultant, Robert C. Whitcomb, Consultant, James M. Smith, Staff Consultant

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