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Commentary No. 004 - Guidelines for the Release of Waste Water from Nuclear Facilities with Special Reference to the Public Health Significance of the Proposed Release of Treated Waste Waters at Three Mile Island (1987)

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Commentary No. 4 (1987) is an addition to the series of documents that provide preliminary evaluations, exploratory studies or extensions of previously published NCRP reports. Commentary No. 4 represents the Council's response to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's call for comments on proposals for disposal of waste water at the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power plant. While the Commentary focuses on the Three Mile Island situation, some aspects have a generic character. Treated in the Commentary are the status of accident generated waste water at TMI; options for the treatment of tritiated waste waters; tritium?physical and chemical properties, environmental transport, and pathways of exposure; dosimetry; dose equivalents resulting from release of tritiated waste water to the atmosphere and surface water; and potential health effects.
Scientific Committee:
Frank L. Parker, Chairman

A. Bertrand Brill
Donald G. Jacobs
Bernd Kahn
Edward Watson
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