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Commentary No. 005 - Review of the Publication, Living Without Landfills (1989)

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Category: Commentary

Commentary No. 5 (1989) provides a review of the report Living Without Landfills, which was published by the Radioactive Waste Campaign. The subject of radioactive waste management was deemed to involve such important questions of public policy that the Council determined to deviate from previous practice and, in response to a request, agreed for the first time to review a document prepared by another organization. This Commentary should represent an important contribution to the public interest in that it is intended to constitute an objective scientific input in to the increasingly strident public dialogue about radioactive waste. After a brief introduction, the Commentary treats such matters as the exclusion of relevant information, misstatement of facts, examples of exaggeration and bias, and examples of faulty logic.
Scientific Committee:
Merrill Eisenbud, Chairman

Roger W. Granlund
William R. Hendee
Frank L. Parker
Paul Slovic
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