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Commentary No. 008 - Uncertainty in NCRP Screening Models Relating to Atmospheric Transport, Deposition and Uptake by Humans (1993)

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Category: Commentary

Commentary No. 8 is related to Commentary No. 3, Screening Techniques for Determining Compliance with Environmental Standards. That document presented screening models and parameter values for assessing potential releases of small quantities of radionuclides to the atmosphere, models that will also be included in a forthcoming report that covers other pathways as well. Commentary No. 8 evaluates the reliability of these screening models and identifies situations where the use of the models and parameter values needs to be restricted or modified prior to application. The primary assumptions affecting bias in the models are also reviewed in Commentary No 8. Major sections of the Commentary treat atmospheric transport and deposition, food chain transport, human dietary habits and usage factor, and external and internal dose factors.
Scientific Committee:
F. Owen Hoffman, Chairman

Andre Bouville
Steven R. Hanna
Charles W. Miller
F. Ward Whicker
B. Gordon Blaylock, Consultant
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