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Commentary No. 009 - Considerations Regarding the Unintended Radiation Exposure of the Embryo, Fetus or Nursing Child (1994)

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Commentary No. 9 (1994) seeks to (1) draw special attention to the problems in protection of the embryo, fetus and nursing child that might result from the use of radiation in the medical diagnosis and treatment of the mother, and (2) assist the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in developing requirements appropriate to dealing with the unintended exposure of the embryo, fetus or nursing child as a result of such procedures. The Commentary highlights the fact that physicians must be constantly alert for the patient who may be pregnant or breast feeding. Commentary No. 9 summarizes the doses to the embryo, fetus or nursing child that might result from radiological procedures, brachytherapy to the mother, teletherapy to the mother, and the administration of radiopharmaceuticals to the mother. The Commentary then goes on to treat the risks attributable to these radiation exposures including those for deterministic effects and stochastic effects. Finally, the Commentary sets out recommendations and conclusions aimed at the specification of requirements for action after radiation exposure of the embryo, fetus or nursing child.
Scientific Committee:
Warren K. Sinclair, Chairman

S. James Adelstein
Robert L. Brent
Richard L. LaFontaine, Consultant
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