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Commentary No. 010 - Advising the Public About Radiation Emergencies (1994)

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Category: Commentary

Commentary No. 10 (1994) was given the subtitle, "A Document for Public Comment," to reflect the desire of NCRP to begin a dialogue on what information and what form of presentation can prove helpful to members of the public in assessing emergency situations with potential for radiation exposure. This is based on the Council's belief that the bedrock foundation of any plan to protect the public from radiation effects, particularly in time of emergency, is reliable information presented to an informed public. This Commentary presents suggestions for informing the public about radiation and about emergencies that involve radiation. Treated are information sources, perceptions and the need for credibility. Also provided in the Commentary is discussion of what information can prove valuable in a radiation emergency and, importantly, a proposed radiation index (i.e., a numerical scale for comparison of various radiation exposures). The Council particularly seeks reaction to the proposed index.
Scientific Committee:
M. Carl Bell, Chairman

Clayton S. French
James A. Grundl
Bernd Kahn
Eugene L. Saenger
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